Changing Fonts and Size of Reports

Did you know you can change the font, font style and size on the QuickBooks reports you use? Here's how:

  • Go to Edit, Preferences.
  • Come down to Reports & Graphs.
  • Click...

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Credits and Debits - HELP!!!

Credits and Debits... I know what most of you are thinking; that sounds like a fascinating topic. NOT! Therefore, I will make this succinct and to the point. What I really want to give you is a place ...
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Payroll Critical Notice

 We just received this and wanted to make sure our QuickBooks Payroll clients were aware you may receive a Payroll Service error. Read below for further information.


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The Icon Bar...make it work for you!

When using QuickBooks software, you will find there are numerous ways to get to the same screen. For example, let's say you want to get to the Chart of Accounts. From the Home Page, under the s...

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Import PayPal Data to QuickBooks

From time-to-time, a piece of technology is created that simplifies our world and saves us time and therefore, our client's real money. Such is the case with SimplePort; an application that syncs ...
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2011 Advanced ProAdvisor

Every two to three years, Intuit ProAdvisors have the option to retake the Advanced ProAdvisor Certification Exam. This advanced certification was first offered in 2009. I took this difficult exam ...

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ATTN: Intuit Payroll Users

I received the following email this morning regarding a payroll update which is scheduled (not necessarily will, but is scheduled) to go  into effect on March 1, 2012. ...

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