QuickBooks® "How-To" Guide

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If you've ever found yourself wondering…

"How should I handle this in QuickBooks?"


"How do I do this in QuickBooks?"

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Written by Jim Merritt, President and CEO of QuickTrainer, and Certified QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor. Jim has been teaching people how to become QuickBooks efficient since 2001. In this guide, he shares his practical knowledge, tips and tricks so you too can become confident with the use of QuickBooks. More than 100 informational pages (and growing), this is a guide, downloadable, which will make QuickBooks become simple and clear.

I just want you to know, I use your QB guide on a daily basis. This tool and your help has made my job so much easier. Thank you!
Joyce N - Atlanta, GA

THAT'S NOT ALL YOU GET…Order now and you will receive ANY and ALL updates to this guide for the next year. That's right; as the author adds additional information and updates to this manual, you will automatically be notified via email.

AND THERE'S MORE…When you purchase this value packed guide, if you have a question for the author on a QuickBooks "How-To", you will be given a link to send your email question and a QuickTrainer Team Member will reply. And who knows, your question could end up in a future update.

I cannot believe how much useful information is contained within your guide. And, I just received the update pertaining to Retainage. I can't wait to see what other updates are coming down the pike. Keep up the excellent work.
Phil W. - San Diego, CA


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