2011 Advanced ProAdvisor

Every two to three years, Intuit ProAdvisors have the option to retake the Advanced ProAdvisor Certification Exam. This advanced certification was first offered in 2009. I took this difficult exam back in 2009. It was not easy, but I did pass the exam with flying colors. I am pleased to announce that I have retaken this challenging exam and once again I have passed with honors. Honestly, I'm glad this exam is behind me for a few years.

This exam measures much more than just your knowledge of the QuickBooks software. It measures your abilities by presenting you with a problem, much like our real clients might face. Many of the questions on this exam have you download and restore a QuickBooks file which contains various issues. You are given the information regarding a problematic scenario. Typically, you must resolve the issues and then provide corrected answers on the exam. And, you must be careful to ensure you have resolved all of the possible issues; otherwise, you will provide the wrong answer.

I am proud of having once again passed this Advanced Certification. As a reader of this blog, I want you to know, at QuickTrainer, we are very serious about being the best we can be when it comes to QuickBooks and helping people like you be the best you can be with QuickBooks. We know how to solve your QuickBooks issues, how to teach you to use QuickBooks properly and review your QuickBooks data to ensure it's correct.

Staying current with the Advanced ProAdvisor Certification exam does several things for us at QuickTrainer. One, it lets you know we know QuickBooks and we know it well. Two, it gives us credibility when people are looking for QuickBooks help. Three, when searching for a QuickBooks ProAdvisor in our geographical area, staying current on this and other QuickBooks Certifications keeps us at the top in the #1 position. We work hard to stay in the #1 position because it helps our phone ring even more.