We all have to start somewhere

Welcome to “The QTi QuickBooks Blog”, the official blog site for QuickTrainer, Inc. What or who is a QuickTrainer? It has nothing to do with physical fitness, but everything to do with QuickBooks and accounting.

Now wait, before you start yawning or clicking on to another site or page, we realize QuickBooks and accounting are not the most exciting topics in the world. However, if you are a small business owner, or anyone who uses, or wants to use QuickBooks and use it well, then we believe you will find our site of interest.

Furthermore, at QuickTrainer, we absolutely, positively LOVE what we do. And, QuickTrainer is comprised of fun people. We do our best to make learning QuickBooks fun and enjoyable. In the end, you will be able to celebrate your accomplishments with QuickBooks and accounting.

So join in and tell us what you are thinking. Tell us about your QuickBooks experience. Tell us what you think of our website, blog site, or my twitter spot. But be polite and play above the line.


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