QuickBooks Year-End Considerations

As I write this blog, it is November 2015 and we are in the middle of the 4th quarter of 2015 (at least for the majority of businesses we deal with). With this in mind, now is the time to get your QuickBooks financial house in order. You do NOT want to wait until January (or worse September) of next year to make this happen. NOW is the time!
If you’ve been tracking your financials throughout the year (like all good business owners ...

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QuickBooks Short Video Tutorials

Over the past several months, I have been creating QuickBooks Short Video Tutorials using Screencast-O-Matic. I love the simplicity and effectiveness this Saas (Software as a Service) provider offers. We want to make you and others aware of these QuickBooks Short Video Tutorials and where they can be found. Our hope is that you will gain insight into QuickBooks that will help you in your QuickBooks accounting endeavors.

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QuickBooks POS powered by Revel Systems

As I write this blog, I am concluding the attendance of 2-1/2 days of intense training in Orlando, FL. The training is for Intuits new POS product, "QuickBooksQuickBooks POS powered by Revel Systems POS powered by Revel Systems". I was excited about coming to FL for this training and I find myself even more enthused by what I have seen and learned over the past few days.
Revel Systems is leading the industry with its award winning software and hardware innovati...

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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Subscription Module

On Monday, October 6, 2014, Intuit, the developers of QuickBooks announced thatQuickBooks Enterprise 2015
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES) has  moved to a subscription priced module. This means when new customers purchase QBES they will be paying an annual fee
for the software. How does this benefit QBES users?

  • Full Service Plan which includes US Based Technical Support.
  • A QBES Subscription can include Advanced Reporting, Enhanced Payroll, Advanced Inventory a...

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Define Fields for Customers, Vendors and Employees

Did you know you can define fields in the Customer, Vendor and Employee profiles within QuickBooks? Here's how:

  • Double click on the customer name.
  • Click on the Additional Info tab.
  • Click on the Define Fields box
  • In the Label column, type in your Label name.
  • In the Use For columns, click if it's going...

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Changing Fonts and Size of Reports

Did you know you can change the font, font style and size on the QuickBooks reports you use? Here's how:Changing QuickBooks Reports Font Size

  • Go to Edit, Preferences.
  • Come down to Reports & Graphs.
  • Click on the Company Preferences tab. (You may have to switch to single user-mode.)
  • Click on Format.
  • Click on Fonts & Numbers tab.
  • Choose the part of the report you want to change.
  • Click on Chan...

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Credits and Debits - HELP!!!

Credits and Debits... I know what most of you are thinking; that sounds like a fascinating topic. NOT! Therefore, I will make this succinct and to the point.Credits and Debits - HELP!!!

What I really want to give you is a place (this blog posting) you can refer to when you need to know what happens when you debit certain accounts and what happens when you credit certain accounts. Most of the time, you need not be concerned with this as QuickBooks handles most debits and cred...

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Payroll Critical Notice

 We just received this and wanted to make sure our QuickBooks Payroll clients were aware you may receive a Payroll Service error. Read below for further information.






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The Icon Bar...make it work for you!

When using QuickBooks software, you will find there are numerous ways to get to the same screen. For example, let's say you want to get to the Chart of Accounts. From the Home Page, under the section which reads, "Company" you will see an option, "Chart of Accounts". Additionally, from the Top-Level Menu options, you can click on "List", "Chart of Accounts". Another way is to press the "Ctrl" key and, while keeping it pressed, press the lette...

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SimplePort (from PayPal -2- QuickBooks)

From time-to-time, a piece of technology is created that simplifies our world and saves us time and therefore, our client's real money. Such is the case with SimplePort; an application that syncs your PayPal data with QuickBooks making this task a very simple one to accomplish.SimplePort

For years now, I have been working with a client who has not only one, but two PayPal accounts used regularly in their business. In the past, I have had to enter transactio...

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