ATTN: Intuit Payroll Users

I received the following email this morning regarding a payroll update which is scheduled (not necessarily will, but is scheduled) to go  into effect on March 1, 2012. QuickTrainer, Inc. This payroll update supports the increase to the employees social security rate, taking it from its current 4.2% back to what the rate was for many years; 6.2%. As of this writing, it remains a mystery to all o...

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from QTi

What a year it has been; it's been a good year for us at QTi (a.k.a., QuickTrainer, Inc.), especially considering the current state of our economy. It's also been an incredibly fast paced year; I suppose the older (and hopefully wiser) you get, the faster the years go by. I'll confirm this to be true once I get older. :-)

Seriously, we at QTi have really enjoyed meeting new clients this year, while serving our existing client base. We truly love h...

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Two Recent Emails from Intuit

There is some confusion lately surrounding two (2) emails appearing to come from Intuit. This QuickTrainer news blog is intended to explain the truth behind these two emails.


First and foremost, if you ever receive an email appearing to come from Intuit and you are suspicious about the origin of the email simply forward the email to Intuit at . Intuit will let you know if the email is a legitimate Intuit emai...

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Tired of Your Current Payroll Solution?

December has arrived. In less than a month, January will be here. If you find that you are not thrilled with your current Payroll Solution Provider, be it ADP, QuickTrainer, Inc. and Intuit PayrollPayChecks, your CPA, etc., this is the time to make your move in preparation for that first payroll coming (soon) in January. With that said, and in the interest of full disclosure, let me make it very clear for those of you reading this blog. I (we) at QuickTrainer are not employed by...

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Your QuickBooks Year End Accounting Check List

R.E.M. once sang, "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine". OK, so perhaps it's not the end of the world, but the end of the year is coming quickly. Do you feel fine regarding the condition of your QuickBooks Year End Accounting accounting financials are? This blog topic, regarding actions you can take proactively, is one I post annually around this time of year. Each year I read what I posted the year before to not on...

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Writing Off Bad Debt

A large majority of businesses have experienced an invoice in which they simply cannot collect any or a part of the full invoiced amount. Whether it's due to our current troubled economy resulting in a client's Handling Bad Debt in QuickBooksinability to pay, a deadbeat client, or a client who is just not happy with your total invoice or a portion of the total, your business is likely to be faced with writing off an uncollectable invoice(s). This blog article is all about teac...

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One Vendor - Two Unique Account Numbers

It's a common scenario; you have two different/unique account numbers with the same vendor. If you record two bills for each account to make a payment on each of the accounts, but you use the sameOne Vendor - Two Unique Account Numbers vendor name in QuickBooks to pay the two bills, QuickBooks will combine the two bills into one (1) Bill Payment Check. Likely not the result you are looking for.

Sure, you could select one of the bills for payment, pay this bill, and then go back and sel...

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