Billing and Timesheets Got You Bogged Down

At QuickTrainer we use a tool that’s called Time Tracker. It’s an Intuit (QuickBooks) product. It allows our employees to track their time by customer. We set Time Tracker up so it automatically sends employees a weekly email reminder to enter their time.

We can easily download submitted time into our QuickBooks file for easy invoicing, payroll processing and reporting.

This tool makes our own internal bookkeeping easier. We love it ...

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Some Family Time

After a labor intensive day this past Sunday, Denise and I took our girls for some fun time. We set out down College Road heading for the Trolly Stop. What use to be a simple, good ole fashion hot dog joint, has evolved into something a little more complex, in that they now sell, in addition to hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, french fries, grilled cheese, etc, etc. When it comes to the hot dogs alone, you now have to select from beef dog...

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Becoming a better son

I’m working on several areas of my life to become the man God intended me to be. One area of focus, as of late, has been to become a better son to my mother. I’m not a bad son (anymore), but the QuickTrainer business has consumed me over the past year and a half.

The good news is, I have been working hard not to work nearly as much on the weekends. This has freed up time to get some things done for my mother, while still leaving ample...

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High Waters

Last month, our family spent time with some special friends—the Millen’s and the Shropshire’s. Brian grilled some hot dogs, hamburgers and some pork chops. After lunch we headed down to the pool and had a swim. When Reggie came out with his swim trunks on, I looked at Jim and told him that Reggie better pull his trunks down to his waist or our oldest daughter, Makayla, would soon be making fun of him.  We both started laughing and soon ever...

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Flaming Amy’s Bowl

If you are a Wilmington-ian, you have likely tried, or at least heard of Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn (FABB). When our family and I relocated back to Wilmington, Flaming Amy’s was my favorite casual restaurant. As an aside, my late father, after selling the White Front Breakfast House, managed a Bonanza Steak House. Where was that steak house located? It was the first restaurant to occupy the building where FABB now resides. But I d...

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Healthcare… blah, blah, blah

Today, Denise and I are meeting with a wonderful client of ours, Joe and Pat Pane from Medical Insurance Assistance (MIA). What’s different about today is Denise and I will be the client instead of Joe and Pat. That’s great, as we love doing business with clients when the fit is right.


I will confess I am somewhat skeptical. Not of MIA’s services, but in holding out any h...

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We all have to start somewhere

Welcome to “The QTi QuickBooks Blog”, the official blog site for QuickTrainer, Inc. What or who is a QuickTrainer? It has nothing to do with physical fitness, but everything to do with QuickBooks and accounting.

Now wait, before you start yawning or clicking on to another site or page, we realize QuickBooks and accounting are not the most exciting topics in the world. However, if you are a small business owner, or anyone who ...

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