You never know where you might find that next client

Last Friday night, I packed up my scrapbooking supplies and made a beeline to my friend Judy’s house. We worked on our scrapbooks from 5pm to midnight. (No, that’s not a typo.)

On this evening, two other women were there. One, Arlene, I’ve scrapped with several times. She’s a very sweet, giving woman.

The other woman, was Paige (on the right-Judy’s on the left). This was the first time I had scrapped with Paige. She was very sweet too.

The topic of what we do always tends to come up in conversation. So, I always have the opportunity to tell others that I am a QuickBooks consultant/bookkeeper. When Paige heard this she got all excited! You see, her husband has his own small business, puts in a lot of hours and uses QuickBooks to keep up with his financials. She, like most wives, would love to be able to spend more time with her husband.

So, Paige and I had a discussion about how we, QuickTrainer, could help her get more time with her husband. She went right home and started talking us up. I’ll be hearing from Paige soon.

This scrapbooking hobby of mine is sometimes expensive, but you know what? I’m making good contacts. As a matter of fact, I met one of our current bookkeeping clients, Proficient Learning, there. Pam, co-owner of Proficient is a fellow scrapbooker.

So, you never know where you might find you’re next client.

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