Tired of Your Current Payroll Solution?

December has arrived. In less than a month, January will be here. If you find that you are not thrilled with your current Payroll Solution Provider, be it ADP, PayChecks, your CPA, etc., this is the time to make your move in preparation for that first payroll coming (soon) in January. With that said, and in the interest of full disclosure, let me make it very clear for those of you reading this blog. I (we) at QuickTrainer are not employed by Intuit. We are Independent Consultants. We will always tell you when we like an Intuit Product or Service, and when we are not particularly fond of something offered by Intuit. When it comes to Intuit Payroll, either Assisted Payroll or Enhanced Payroll, we are HUGE fans. Why? Three reasons:

  1. Intuit Payroll works and it works well!
  2. Intuit's Payroll Solutions are tightly integrated into the QuickBooks Software.
  3. Intuit's Payroll will save you money and time.

This blog article will discuss two possible options for you to consider; Assisted Payroll and Enhanced Payroll. By all means, if you have questions regarding anything in this blog posting, or any questions regarding QuickBooks, send us an email at info@quicktrainer.biz or give us a call at 910-338-0488. We will be glad to help you and steer you in the proper direction.


Intuit's QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

Think of Intuit's Assisted Payroll as the direct competitor to ADP, Paychex or a CPA. It's not that I don't appreciate the services offered by these companies or CPA's. I do appreciate their services they offer. However, based on my first hand experience, they tend to fall short in two key areas: Pricing and Integration. My experience has been Intuit's Assisted Payroll is consistently less expensive than that of ADP, PayChex or a CPA's. What's more, even though ADP and PayChex offer an add-on module to download payroll data and import their data into QuickBooks, this approach still involves multiple additional steps, and most often the detailed data needed for Job Costing purposes is lacking. When you consider pricing AND the tight Integration offered by Intuit, it's hard to go wrong.

Let me provide a real life scenario I recently encountered. A great client of ours has been paying their CPA $280 per month to provide payroll services for ~20 employees. This client runs payroll every two weeks (or 26 payrolls per year). We are in the process of switching this client to Intuit's Assisted Payroll beginning January 1st. Under Intuit, this clients payroll service expense will drop from $280 to $103 per month; a substantial savings of $177/monthly (or $2,124 annually). When this client adds additional employees, the cost, per employee increases by only $1 per employee per payroll. Even more, our client will no longer have to enter a Journal Entry from their CPA to reflect their payroll and the client will have much better reporting capabilities regarding their payroll.

When you sign up for Intuit's Assisted Payroll consider the following:

Want to investigate Assisted Payroll? Ready to make a move to Assisted Payroll? Call QuickTrainer today and we'll be happy to answer your questions or get the process started for you. Just remember, NOW (December) is the time to make this happen.

Next week, I'll post another blog article discussing Intuit's Enhanced Payroll.