One Vendor - Two Unique Account Numbers

It's a common scenario; you have two different/unique account numbers with the same vendor. If you record two bills for each account to make a payment on each of the accounts, but you use the same vendor name in QuickBooks to pay the two bills, QuickBooks will combine the two bills into one (1) Bill Payment Check. Likely not the result you are looking for.

Sure, you could select one of the bills for payment, pay this bill, and then go back and select the other bill for payment, but there's a better way that will save you time and make this process easier. As an added bonus, you can learn a little trick about auto populating your account numbers on Bill Payment Checks.

Check out the link to this QuickBooks Tip & Trick YouTube video and see if it helps you. QuickBooks guru and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Jim Merritt of QuickTrainer, Inc. shows you how to easily handle this situation.

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Thank you for the tip. I have a question. I have quickbooks 2010 for non-profit. I charge the parent for each child by the week or month. How do I generate an invoice each week and be able to show how much they paid at the end of the year and how do I create a sub-account in account receivable to be able to show what was paid and by whome, plus, log the payment on the regular ledger as a deposit. Thank you, Juanita 803.420.1255
Thanks for the tip - will make paying multiple accounts for one vendor much easier.