QuickBooks and Multiple Currencies

I was recently working with a client who uses the Multiple Currency functionality available in QuickBooks. There was some confusion with the client with regards to exactly how multi-currency works. In the interest of full disclosure, I had a few questions myself regarding how multi-currency works. This client is my only client who uses this feature in QuickBooks, so I had not had a lot of practice. So, I did what any good consultant would do: I a...

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State Sales Tax Rate Decrease, Effective July 1

IMPORTANT: Effective tomorrow, July 1st, the NC State Sales Tax Rate will decrease by 1%.

Yes, you read this will decrease by 1%. For the majority of counties in North Carolina, this will mean the effective sales tax you charge your customers will be 7%. As a result, don't forget to change your Sales Tax item in QuickBooks Accounting or QuickBooks Point of Sale from the current 8% to the new effective rate of 7%. You can learn m...

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Opening Balance Off?

You go to reconcile last month's bank or credit card statement only to find the opening balance does not match the current statement. What do you do? It use to be this was a more difficult issue to resolve. QuickTrainer - Begin ReconcilationHowever, in the last several years Intuit has made resolving this issue much easier via the Locate Discrepancies functionality (sorry Mac users; this functionality is still not present for you).

While this functionality allows you...

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"Find" It

QuickBooks offers an often overlooked, yet powerful feature which you need to know about, “Find”. If you are looking for a transaction and you know anything about the transaction, use Find to...yep, that's right…find it.

First, let me explain how to access Find. You can click on "Edit", "Find". Alternatively, you can press the "Ctrl" key and while keeping it pressed, also press the letter "F". This QuickBooks "Find" Featureis known as "Ctrl+F" (NOTE: Control or C...

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QuickBooks Invoices (To Be Printed)

A client recently asked me how she could easily get rid of a list of old invoices which were marked "To Be Printed". She had over 2,000 invoices in this status. These particular invoices appear when she goes to print a batch of current invoices (to see this in QuickBooks, click on File, Print Forms, Invoices). This means she has to click on "Select None" and then select the current invoices she really does want to print. This client typically has...

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Intuit Merchant Services & Payroll

It simply makes sense! That is Intuit's Payment Solutions (aka Merchant Services) and Payroll make sense. Why? Allow me to elaborate...

Seeing how just about everything we do at QuickTrainer involves QuickBooks (QuickBooks Financials or QuickBooks Point of Sale), this blog article is primarily targeted to users of QuickBooks. However, if you are not (yet) a user of QuickBooks, Intuit Payment Solutions has a solution for you as well.

Let me begi...

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Mission Trip to Buffalo, NY

Our oldest daughter, Makayla, is going on a mission trip to Buffalo, NY this summer. Thank you for reading her letter to see how you can help her.

Dear family and friends,

I am excited to tell you about an opportunity I have to go on a short term mission’s trip this coming July 23rd-July 31st, 2011.


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