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QuickBooks "How To"


The QuickBooks
"How To" Guide
(100 Pages and Growing)

Written by Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Jim Merritt

In this extremely popular and well received guide, Jim Merritt shares with YOU how to do those day-in and day-out tasks, plus more!

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I would like to thank you for your kindness in answering questions concerning QuickBooks. We are so grateful for you kindness and generosity to us. So far, using sub-classes has been a success. Thank you for your recommendation that has saved us money and, I’m sure, a few headaches. I have and will continue to send people your way who are in need of skills!

-Marvin Green, Port City Community Church

It was a relief to know I had someone reliable, responsive, patient, and willing to teach me how to use and customize QuickBooks for my industry and on a MAC! I'm much more confident than I was a year ago using QuickBooks to manage my finances. I appreciate all of the support I received from Jim and Denise at QuickTrainer and I strongly feel that the value I received far outweighed the monetary cost.

-Myra Adams, MX3 Photography

I have been working with Jim & Denise on and off for over a year now and have never experienced such an excellent level of service with any other QuickBooks trainer. I have been a bookkeeper for 20 years and now and then run into a question, especially with Point Of Sale. In the past I would wander through the various QB sites, wasting lots of time (and often $). Then I found Jim. The screen shots are very helpful. Jim is prompt, answers clearly and accurately and always with a smile. I can't say enough +++ about QuickTrainer.

-Judy McLaughlin, SixPence

I doubt there could be anyone more knowledgeable or willing to help. Jim renewed my confidence that QuickBooks would work for our business.

-Patricia Schaller


Thank you for always being available when a problem presents itself.I am still learning how to use QBs efficiently and effectively.Jim and Denise, you guys never make me feel like my problem is too small or that I, or my company, is not important enough.My husband and I would recommend them to anyone.We find them to be HONEST, FAIR, and they don't nickle & dime you.WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND JIM AND DENISE MERRITT TO EVERYONE LOOKING TO LEARN & IMPROVE THEIR QB SKILLS. Thanks so much!

-Natosha Perry, Perfect Surfer Surf Camp

We are quite grateful and impressed with the services and help you have provided us. It is changing the way we do business!

-Nicole Hinson, Low Country Landscaping

Just wanted to say thanks for another year of help. You guys provide me a very valuable service. I know I am a peon customer but your help is much appreciated!

-Charles Laymon, StepQuest

QTi is dedicated to everything QuickBooks

We serve clients both locally and nationwide. We have 10+ years of real world experience with a wide spread reputation for providing expert QuickBooks mentoring. Owner, Jim Merritt is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Intuit Solution Provider (ISP). In addition to providing clients QuickBooks help, Jim has authored a comprehensive and practical QuickBooks guide for QB users to utilize in their daily accounting use. This guide is titled, The QuickBooks How To Guide , and has been very well received and appreciated by many. If you desire to learn QuickBooks the right way, call QTi today at 910-338-0488!

Consider This...

Most business owners have many things in common. One of those common traits tend to be passion: a passion for business, a passion for the service the business provides and/or a passion for the product(s) they sale. As a small business owner, chances are you're great at providing the services and/or products to your customers. But you likely did not go into business to be a QuickBooks expert, or an accountant or bookkeeper. Yet, having accurate and timely financial data is imperative to the success of your business. On the other hand, at QuickTrainer we ARE passionate about QuickBooks and Accounting. We are passionate about helping business owners, just like you, be the best they can be with QuickBooks Accounting Software.

QuickTrainer's Client Testimonial Video

See and hear Clients describe, in their own words, their first-hand experience with QuickTrainer!

Located in the beautiful Cape Fear region of Wilmington, NC, QuickTrainer is the community leader in everything QuickBooks. We are in business to help business owners be the best they can be when it comes to the use of QuickBooks.

Why Choose QuickTrainer?

People tend to do business on a consistent basis with those they know, like and trust. What do you do when you simply don't know the person or persons you are desiring to do business with? Typically, you take a chance. At QuickTrainer, we know you will get to know, like and trust us very quickly. But why take our word? We are more than happy to share our client's comments with you…real words from real clients. We don't tell them what to say. In fact, sometimes their words make us blush. And, if that's not enough, we will be glad to put you in touch with some of our clients and let you discuss QuickTrainer on your own terms. This is a part of who we are. We desire to have every client we touch be a resource we can use for a reference. Now, consider the following additional reasons for selecting QuickTrainer as your trusted resource for QuickBooks and accounting needs:

QuickTrainer Never Nickels and Dimes Clients

If you have a question for us, email us or call us. We are more than happy to spend time with you to answer a quick question. We will never attempt to invoice you for a 5 minute conversation.

We are Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors

Not only do we know QuickBooks well, we have also been advanced certified through Intuit's (the developers of QuickBooks) rigorous advanced testing. On an annual basis, as new releases of QuickBooks come to market, QuickTrainer pursues the latest available certifications. This typically includes certification in QuickBooks Financials, QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

Save Money and Profits with QuickTrainer

We can teach you (and you should know) how to conduct a regular financial review regarding the complete health of your business. It's not difficult (once you understand the basic concepts) and it will make you an informed business owner.

Save Money on Your Annual CPA Bill

We love CPA's! We know and understand CPA's are an excellent resource for business planning. All business owners should meet with their CPA at least twice a year; ideally on a quarterly basis. Discuss with your CPA your business plans for expansion or preservation. Talk about things you can do on a proactive manner to save your business money. Is it the right time to purchase that capital asset?But here's a surprise...Your CPA does not like receiving business financial data in a chaotic mess no more than you like getting that huge invoice from your CPA as the result of them spending countless hours trying to make sense of your QuickBooks data. Nor do they like having to ask question after question regarding your transactions. No one wins! The CPA is not happy because they want to do an accurate tax return but can't because of the state of your data. You are not happy due to the CPA's invoice. It does not have to be this way.QuickTrainer can and wants to help every business owner take control of their QuickBooks financial data. And we know our clients will see a quick return on investment (ROI) when they engage QuickTrainer. Let our passion for QuickBooks shine favorably on your business.

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